Pacific Northwest SQL Server User Group

January 10, 2018 (Wednesday), 7pm 

35/Kalaloch, Microsoft campus, Redmond

Sunil Agarwal, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft SQL Server Storage Engine Group

Strategies to speed up data load into Clustered Columnstore Index in SQL Server 2017

Is data load performance into columnstore slowing you down? Should you drop nonclustered indexes before loading data? What batchsize should you choose? How should you handle large number of Updates/Deletes? Come to this session to learn the best practices and the techniques customers have used to load data in parallel with minimal or reduced logging into columnstore index.

Specifically, we will cover data load using BCP, Bulk Insert, SSIS or MERGE command, concurrent trickle insert in IOT scenario as well as moving data from staging table.

• Objective - Understand how data load into columnstore index is different compared to a traditional rowstore
• Objective - Understand the importance of batchsize in ensuring efficient data load and higher quality (less fragmentation) of columnstore index
• Objective - Understand how locking works for columnstore index and use this to improve concurrency of MERGE operation 

Sunil Agarwal is a Principal Program Manager in SQL Server Storage Engine Group, and a seasoned professional with 30+ years of industry experience in databases. He has worked as developer/lead building relational database engine technology, as a tool designer/lead building backup/restore tools, as an application developer/manager enabling B2B commerce as e-learning, and now as a principal program manager for SQL Server for the last 12+ years. He currently works in SQL Server Tiger Team and owns columnstore technology in SQL Server. Experienced in leading development teams both for in-house and offshore engagements. Equally at ease both with drill-down discussion with engineers as well as working with customers and partners. He has authored many technical white papers/blogs, co-authored two books in SQL Server and has presented database technologies in numerous national/international conferences. Sunil enjoys teaching and has taught programming courses at University of Rhode Island and University of Colorado.

WE ARE LOOKING for a new Chapter Leader and volunteers to help with the PNWSQL user group. We need  elp setting the future directions, meeting topics, and community involvement. Please contact Ron Talmage or Diane Robey if you would like to help out.




Welcome to the Pacific Northwest SQL Server User Group (PNWSQL) web site!

We meet every second Wednesday of the month on the Microsoft Redmond Campus, usually in Building 35/Kalaloch (just behind reception.) Check the signs when you arrive to confirm.

The PNWSQL group is one of the original SQL Server User Groups, meeting monthly on the Microsoft Redmond campus since the early 1990's.

Directions: From I-5 or I-405, go east on SR-520 toward Redmond, take the 40th Street exit, turn right at the end of the ramp, continue straight through the first traffic light at 156th AVE NE, take the next right, and then first left.  Park in the lot on your right, when facing east, the meeting is the building to your left. Please consult this campus map for more information. (Contact the PNWSQL Chapter Leader.)

7:00 - 7:30 - Announcements and Technical Q&A
7:30 - 9:00 - Presentation

IMPORTANT: If you park on campus and do not have authorized Microsoft parking, please bring a current printout of the webpage or this email invitation to fill out and be submitted to Microsoft Security if you bring your own car. Register your name, vehicle make, model, license#, and picture ID at the registration desk. Your printout may also be used in a prize drawing.

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Upcoming PNWSQL Meetings:

December 13, 2017 - TBD


February 9, 2018 - SQL Saturday PreCons, Redmond (Building 34)

February 10, 2018 - SQL Saturday, Redmond (Building 92)




Sorry, there are no upcoming meetings. Please check back for updates.





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